CURC Welcome & Keynote

November 10, 2022 from 12:00 pm to 12:55 pm

Members from the College & Universities Recycling Coalition (CURC) leadership, along with the National Recycling Coalition’s Campus Council Chair, will welcome attendees and introduce the keynote presenter.

Black and Brown Bodies in Green Spaces. Creating Structural Change in the Zero Waste Movement

Join G.L. Genco as he shares his story on the founding of Generation Conscious, and ways he builds networks and power for intentionally exploited communities. Through this discussion, he’ll share the innovations in the Global South that inspired their solutions and how they utilize indigenous design principles to construct zero waste infrastructures. The conversation will end with insights into the creative spaces that have been crafted for Black and Brown students to facilitate cross-campus collaborations that reimagine American culture. These spaces empower students to create futures with foundations of greater environmental empathy, waste reduction and the well-being of economically vulnerable communities as central pillars.