Lunchtime PartyTRAC Networking Event

November 10, 2022 from 1:00 pm to 1:45 pm

Presented by Re-TRAC Connect

Please join us in this fun, easy-to-navigate networking opportunity in a virtual platform called Gather.Town presented by Re-TRAC Connect. Grab your lunch and sit across the virtual table from a colleague and catch up!

Enter Gather.Town by clicking on the link. For an optimal experience join from Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers. Once inside, create an avatar, mingle through the virtual space, meet other professionals, join a Hot Topic Round Table Discussion or just play games! The Hot Topic Round Table discussions led by industry leaders are outlined below. After the Gather.Town session ends, be sure to head back to the program in the Zoom platform for the remainder of today’s sessions.

On the First Floor you will find tables entitled by these topics – join the table to join the conversation!

  • Workforce Development & Minority Communities – ISRI
  • Bin Design Specs – Busch Systems
  • Circular Economy & Recycling – Rheaply
  • Measurement & Data – Re-TRAC Connect
  • Exporting Harm – Race to Zero Waste
  • Zero Waste – Zero Waste USA
  • 100 3R Policies – Zero Waste Associates
  • Education & Outreach – Maggie Clarke
  • NRC’s Draft Strategic Plan – National Recycling Coalition

Upstairs in the Rooftop Lounge you will find:

  • Meet Your Intern hosted by NRC’s Campus Council. Interns focused on waste reduction and sustainability will come prepared with resumes in hand and at the ready to meet like-minded employers. You can even find a private, virtual table nearby to conduct an interview. Find your next intern here!
  • Gaming tables for Poker, Tetris, Code Words and Set Matching.